W Gallery

A physical space out of nowhere

Interactive gallery for end-of-the-semester exhibitions in the Economics Department.


The entire server is coded using this language


The Visitants Notebook required persistence


Used for in client 3D rendering of the scene

Vector illustration

The entire scene is illustrated from scratch using Inkscape

The first time I coded a game I used Scratch. I was 14 years old. The wonder of learning to create something out of nothing comes with no structured purpose. I just kept learning for fun.

Years later, the COVID-19 pandemic had immediate short term effects on universities once it begun. People were quickly quarantined in their homes in my country. For our Economics department it meant that poster exhibitions could't be made. It was mid semester already. Tomás Rodríguez, one of my bosses, had mentioned that some campuses like MIT had tried recreating the spaces with Minecraft. The problem was this required to access that every person bought and downloaded the game.

In brief:

The W Building Gallery is my jump from 2D to 3D games rendering using javascript. I used Three.js to implement a SkyBox model. A simple cube with textures is rendered in the client's computer. There, people is positioned to present their work. As a solution for a quick need, it had the right balance between attractiveness and simple implementation.

Not making the exhibitions was not the end of the world. In fact, some were not done. Still, it's hopeful to find ways student's can learn from their peers, even when there is no physical space left.