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My purpose is to create new ways of doing things, in particular educating in every type of environment. I use three skills sets for this:

  • First, I’m a full-stack developer. I’m capable of building complete web and android apps (from the server side to the client views).

  • Second, I work with human centered design and evidence based design. Systematic observation of human behavior drives my informed-prototypes refinement processes.

  • Third, I carefully listen to scientific evidence: psychological, behavioral, statistical and qualitative. My goal is to create a consistent interdisciplinary understanding of the phenomenons behind the problems to solve. These explorations work as dialogue articulators.

I believe that great projects need great management to have an impact in society. That's why I also have a background in public relations, marketing, and a lot of practice leading teams according to budgets and schedules.

I currently work for the PADF and the Economics Department at the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

Founder of Anderer Sinn - Design Studio.

If you feel interested in my work, please do send an email. I'll always be glad to have a talk.

Portraits: Maria Fernanda