Virtual Campus

Let's talk, one at a time

Frequently Asked Questions website from the Teaching Committee to connect resources of information produced all around the campus with our teachers during the pedagogical adaptation process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It references to tutorials, documents, institutional websites and scientific recommendations in a structured page. There, teachers can find the most relevant information according to their knowledge state: from software to pedagogical methodology, resources are organized to simplify the search in an ocean of content.

Responsive Design

The website is displayed according to the screen size


HTML, JavaScript and CSS are used to display the information in an organized way

Chunked information

Categories are organized to simplify the search making it more accurate

First virtual semester

Second virtual semester

Constantly Updated

Technology changes. Questions change. The content is curated and renewed by the Teaching Committee in response to the needs manifested in daily talks in the Department.


The entire list of references is visualizable at a glance from mobile devices