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Frequently asked questions website for Economics teachers adaptation to virtual environments during COVID-19 pandemic.


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I was in my office speaking with some colleagues in the afternoon when I truly realized we wouldn't come back to the campus for at least months. I froze for some minutes full of uncertainty related to my family's eventual health. I took pictures of the last graded microeconomics exams, and packed them in an envelope in case someone came looking for them. Then I left.

As a matter of fact, uncertainty comes with questions. Actually, there was never a better time to talk about teaching. Suddenly, there were people producing information on how to teach online everywhere in the University. There were people asking questions too (a lot of). Evaluations season was coming within two weeks. There was absolute chaos at first.

In brief:

This website is a simple solution from the Teaching Committee to connect resources of information produced all around the campus with our teachers. It references to tutorials, documents, institutional websites and scientific recommendations in a structured page. There, a user can search for the most relevant information according to his or her knowledge status: whether it's a technical question about softwares to record a video or a more pedagogical question on how to keep attention of students.

The page was updated every time a relevant information piece appeared to stay in line with the general discussion. Suden change may find us not ready for innovation sometimes, however, it makes us active dialogue agents.