Villa Diana

Connecting elements

WebSite for an eco-tourism startUp in Colombia


HTML, JavaScript and CSS are used

Responsive Design

The WebSite answers according to the screen size

Identity Design

Logo, colors palette and packages icons were illustrated


For this project I use JSP for data integration into the website (prices, and clients reviews)

Back in 2017 I had developed some minor projects for my personal use. Many tools had been used to automate some tasks. I had explored designing systems for recruiting volunteers for academic activities in my campus, automating data processing before analysis, developing tiny snippets for a blog, etc.

Villa Diana is my very first complete website project. I was given a lot of materials including texts, pictures and a whole business idea. My challenge was to develop a website. I started by observing the graphic elements and finding patterns. The tourism brand already had an intuition about their personality. They wanted to generate a cozy home experience to their clients.

In brief:

Based on this information, I chose a warm and naturalistic color palette, I created a logo and services packages icons, and I structured a basic website with contact form. I also made it editable. I created a basic UI for the administrators to: change the displayed data about the services, and manually insert clients reviews.

Although the startup didn't launch, this project taught me how to connect information into identity and tools into finished projects. It was also my first seriously scheduled contract.