Villa Diana

Connecting elements

Entire website with its complete identity design for a tourism startup. The site presents information about the services and packages offered by the startup in Nariño, Colombia. Text and photographic materials were given to me. Vector illustration was used to digitalize identity sketches. The site is designed to be editable by the administrator via an Apache server with an associated database. The solution requires no further technical maintenance thanks to its editable nature.


Apache Tomcat was used as server for data integration into the website (prices, and clients reviews)

Graphic Identity

Graphics according to values

Responsive Design

The website answers to the screen size


HTML, JavaScript and CSS


Persistence for the prices, blog and reservations information and reviews entries

Messages go to a private Inbox!

Administrator GUI

Editable prices information, inbox, new reviews


Graphic Identity

Colors, logo and packages icons

Database connected

Displayed content changes when the admin makes editions