Collecting data (offline)

App for academic research data collection in rural places with no internet connection. It’s an organized sequence of questions and measurements using tablets. Data should be able to get evidence about the relationships between race and ethnicity, and self-identification reports for various ways of asking for Colombian official statistics. Multiple paths are followed based on the answers to the questions. Randomized menus appear to guarantee statistical properties of the data.


App for academic research

Data Base Architecture

Data can be easily appended through devices

UX Design

The flowchart was designed for the specific research protocol

Exportable Database

Answers, pictures and order of the process: everything is carefully recorded


The final database relates observations to pictures when authorized

Dynamic Flow

Guided routes are designed such that the pollster shares the tablet with the participant during some questions

Random order of menus

This is required for statistical causal effects identification

Perla Color Pallette

A graphic form was implemented using a standard color palette for racial related research projects